Grant Horsfield's message to young Africans

For brevity's sake, G.H will refer to Grant Horsfield a native South African,founder and Chairman of naked Group while N.K will refer to the interviewer, Nancy Kamuzora. In the span of 10 minutes we got straight to the point and talked about his back read more →

IVF, Polyglot Kids and Reincarnation

I had an interesting day yesterday. Sitting opposite to a nice gentleman of Indian decent, who speaks eight languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindu, Portuguese and Spanish, a multi millionaire as well, “I sell women apparel, clients I deal wit read more →

How dreadlocks are made and breaking the ice with new flatmates.

Confused and intrigued at the same time she said as it to confirm whether she had understood me correctly. “So your(plural, nimen) hair just grows like that?” Defeated and out of vocabulary to explain the nature of dreadlocks I said; “Yes”. We’ve ju read more →

Gentle Revolutionary: Scott Heiferman <Social Entrepreneur>

Gentle Revolutionary: Scott Heiferman <Social Entrepreneur>

"Go at it thinking you haven’t met all the people who are going to be important in your life yet" The one thing I love about Shanghai, or being in China so far is the feeling that a new experience or adventure is right around the corner. But talking to Scott Heiferman, CEO and read more →

One way of relating to your phone

"Why aren't you replying?" "Why aren't you picking up?!" Dude,chillax. I can understand that people who want an instant response as far as the phone is concerned might be concerned about the fact that this is the best time for them and are worried t read more →

10 Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Friends That Don’t Involve Going Out To Eat.

Here are ten fun surprising ways we can get the most out of our time without harming your wallet, or that ever so hardworking liver, while making life long memories with people you care about and none of them involve food. A creative project We reall read more →

Wage distribution... its not fair.

Me: “What time do you open?” Her: “7:30 am” Not bad, I needed to leave by 8am tomorrow if I was gonna make it to my appaointment. But just incase I had time later that evening I thought I might ask… Me: “What time do you close” Her: ”11pm” Me: o.O “E read more →

The Good Things Religions Have Done For Humanity

The Good Things Religions Have Done For Humanity

The business of being alive isn't easy and mankind has had to fashion ways of making the burden lighter and then passing information to the next generation. Everyone dabbling in this area means well in my opinion. Even witch doctors are just filling in the gaps for what the community needs at that moment but read more →